Following the successful launch of the City Grip tire in 2010,
Michelin is now introducing an innovative tire that satisfies the emerging needs of scooter users.
The MICHELIN Power Pure SC delivers the market’s best balance between longevity and grip as well as optimal
stability thanks to the use of dual compound technology.

The launch of the Power Pure SC is yet another example of Michelins strategy of applying innovations developed in
racing to street tires. No other tire manufacturer in the
world is able to transfer technologies so broadly or quickly.



110/70  12 47P PURE SC F TL €50

110/90 13 56P PURE SC F TL €69

120/70 12 51P PURE SC F TL €49

120/70 13 53P PURE SC F TL €64

120/70 15 56S PURE SC F TL €80

120/80 14 58S PURE SC F TL €83


130/60 13 53P PURE SC R TL €54

130/60 13 60P PURE SC R TL €57

130/70 12 56P PURE SC R TL €64

130/70 12 62P PURE SC R TL €70

130/70 13 63P PURE SC R TL €70

130/80 15 63P PURE SC R TL €106

140/60 13 57P PURE SC R TL €77

140/70 12 60P PURE SC R TL €77

150/70 13 64S PURE SC R TL €90


Michelin Pilot Power Pure SC Front Tire
  • World’s first dual compound technology scooter tire (2CT)
  • Increased safety, grip, sportiness and longevity
  • Delivers feedback and grip in all driving conditions
  • Slick central portion puts more rubber on the ground to increase longevity
  • Shoulders are made with softer rubber to enhance grip and safety
  • Holds the road in wet, damp or slippery surfaces
  • Fountain tread design found in Michelin’s racing tires

€ 50
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