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130/90B16 73H F €140
100/80-17 52H  F €117
120/90B17 64S F €126
130/80B17 65H F €153
140/75R17 67V F €175
140/80B17 69H F €156
110/90B18 61H F €125
130/70B18 63H F €137
100/90B19 57H F €122
110/90B19 62H F €133
120/70ZR19 60W €162
130/60B19 61H F €142
80/90-21    54H F €110
90/90-21    54H F €110
120/70B21 62H F €148
MH90-21    54H F €119


140/75R15 65H R €175
14090B15  76H R €154
150/90B15 74H R €166
170/80B15 77H R €165
180/70B15 76H R €171
MT90 B 16 74H R €155
MU85 B 16 77H R €158
130/90B16 73H R €166
140/90B16 77H R €175
150/80B16 71H R €165
150/80B16 77S R €168
180/55B18 80H R €215
180/65B16 81H R €211
160/70B17 73V R €172
200/55R17 78V R €200
150/70B18 76H R €169
240/40R18 79V R €214

A new standard in cruiser tire longevity

  • Commissioned third-party tests* show that the MICHELIN® Commander® II rear tire lasts almost twice as long as its main competitors*

Uncompromised handling and stability

  • Amplified Density Technology: a highly dense, more rigid tire casing that helps deliver excellent feedback and handling
  • Aramid tread plies in the rear tire resist centrifugal growth and reduce weight, for excellent stability even at highway speeds
  • All-new rubber compound formulated for exceptional grip on wet or dry roads, along with remarkable durability

A groundbreaking new look

  • A unique tread design for head-turning looks
  • A premium sidewall treatment that enhances cruiser styling
  • Innovative longitudinal tread pattern for efficient water evacuation and grip on wet roads

Wide range of sizes to fit American and Metric cruisers


*Tests conducted by Texas Test Fleet in 2011 on public roads comparing MICHELIN Commander II, Metzeler ME880 and Dunlop D407/408 in sizes 130/80 B 17 (front) and 180/65 B 16 (rear). Individual results may vary depending on motorcycle type and operating conditions

Michelin has launched a new motorcycle tire which delivers unrivalled tire life. Independent tests carried out in the United States using a Harley-Davidson® Electra Glide® Classic prove it: a rear MICHELIN Commander II is capable of covering up to 40,000 kilometres*. That’s nearly twice the distance covered by its direct competitors, while the longevity of the front tire is even greater. The MICHELIN Commander II creates a new standard with regard to durability, yet without making any compromises in terms of wet weather grip, manoeuvrability or stability. This performance balance provides yet another eloquent illustration of Michelin’s research and development philosophy: no performance gain to be achieved on one front to the detriment of another.

In response to the major problem faced by custom motorcycle riders – tire life, notably at the rear –, the engineers at the Michelin Technology Centre at Ladoux, near Clermont-Ferrand (France), have developed a new rubber compound. The carcass of this new radial tire is associated with Silica Rain Technology (SRT) which integrates silica into the compound of the tire tread, while the MICHELIN Commander II's tread pattern has been designed to prevent all forms of uneven wear.

The exclusive architecture of the MICHELIN Commander II brings both manoeuvrability and stability. The tire’s more rigid, high-density carcass improves manoeuvrability, while the aramid fibre crown ply of the rear tire enhances resistance and lightness for impeccable stability, even at high speeds.

Last but not least, the numerous longitudinal grooves of the new tire's tread pattern optimise water dispersal for outstanding wet weather grip.

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